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Where travel meets personal growth.

It’s time to create your most epic life!  We're here to help you find your greatness and courageously go after the life you really want to be living. Oh yeah, it's going to be a shit ton of fun too!

Every experience two journeys, outward as we explore the world around us and inward where we discover truest and most courageous ourselves. We're here to bring them together.

We'll help you create unique, life-changing solo travel experiences or find your tribe and share the magic with adventurous, like-minded women. 

You know that moment where you feel like you’re not living your most epic life? Me too. It’s the worst!

You’re one of those women who is just “too much”. You don’t fit into society’s boxes very well. You’re too opinionated, too headstrong, too much of a dreamer, too unwilling to follow someone else’s idea of what your life should look like. 

Just so you know, we LOVE that about you!

You can feel that big ball of energy right in the middle of your chest that tells you there’s so much more inside of you that the world hasn’t seen yet, but you don’t know how to get it out or where to channel it. You’re probably even a little afraid of what other people might think if you said that out loud!

You know you’re here to make a difference, but not sure how to get started. Bringing your dreams to life seems like such a daunting journey.

You know you have a purpose and are ready to figure out what it is and how to live it. You want to make a positive impact in the world and live a life that sets your soul on fire!

You know it’s time for change, but aren’t sure how or where to start. We're here to help! Together we'll create the epic adventures you've been dreaming about. Plus, if you're ready to find and live your purpose, we'll help you get clear on what that is and how to do it. 

There are even more women who feel the same way! We have a community of soulful women to encourage, support, and provide resources to help you on your journey.

Welcome, Soul Sister. You’re in the right place. <3


I'm Annie, the Founder and CEO of Beyond Reservations, plus a Coach, Travel Consultant, and more! In all life's journeys, I love to have fun AND find the lessons hiding in all our experiences. :) I'm a "too much" woman myself.

I don't care about your perfectly posted Instagram photos, I want to know how the experience changed you! How do you see the world differently and what did you learn about yourself along the way?

My true passion lies in helping women like you discover your best lives through meaningful travel experiences and personal growth where you have opportunities to build deep connections -- with the places you visit, each other, and yourself.

Create Your Inspired Journey...

Solo Travel: Journeys of self-discovery

There's nothing quite like a solo trip for reconnecting to yourself. As you explore a destination, focused only on your own desires, there's this funny thing that happens... You discover what really lights you up and gets you excited! When you find out how capable you really are, the natural question next question is, "Well then, what else can I do?!"

Outward Journey - Together, we'll create a unique, life-changing experience tailored to your interests and desired experience. We'll make sure all the bases are covered so you can be open to the exciting opportunities that will present themselves as you travel, rather than worrying about the details. 

Inward Journey - This is where the magic happens! You're about to get up close and personal with yourself. There's no one to distract you and being prepared for the solitude will help you get the most out of your experience. We'll do coaching before, during (if you choose), and after your trip to make sure you're clear on what you want to get out of the trip and help you bring the magic back into your everyday life. 

Group Travel: Connection & Shared Experiences

There's magic when women gather. It's next level when we're all outside our everyday routines that can keep us stuck. Join a small group (never more than 10) of thoughtful, adventurous, like-minded women who are traveling with purpose. Each group experience has a theme and a destination consciously chosen to support the inner work of the journey and allow us to have a great time together.  

Outward Journey - We'll manage all the logistics for our destination and make sure you know what to expect when you arrive. As a group, we'll visit important sites, but also give you lots of time to explore at your leisure and connect with one another. 

Inward Journey- We'll spend time together each day focusing on our inner world and sharing an experience in our destination. There will be support for every part of the journey -- before, during, and after to ensure you get the most from your travels and bring the transformation back to "real life". 

Are You Ready to Choose YOU?

What would it feel like to pause. To step back. To look at life and your place in it from a different perspective? 

You are ready to be brave and choose the life you know you’re meant to live!

Imagine waking up and looking out your window to a landscape you’ve never seen before. You have given yourself a complete change of scenery, away from all the routine of your everyday life that so easily quiets the voice of your heart. 

There's a whole big world to discover! What if the simple act of thoughtfully exploring a destination could be a catalyst for uncovering your own heart’s desires and purpose?

What if you had the opportunity share that experience with other passionate women on the same journey? Imagine sharing space, having meaningful experiences, and creating deeper connections -- to yourself, each other, and the places you visit. 

Yes, you can have a fun, exciting adventure AND change your life for the better at the same time!  Schedule a time for us to chat and discover how we can help you get wherever you want to be in life and travel. 

“Stuff your eyes with wonder, live as if you’d drop dead in seconds. See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories.” 

~Ray Bradbury

What is Your Dream?

Solo Travel + Self-Discovery

We absolutely 100% believe travel has the power to transform our lives by getting us out of our comfort zone and seeing the world in a completely different way!

We also know it can be intimidating, from managing all the logistics to getting your mind and heart for this new adventure.

We’re here to help you every step of the way. Together we’ll make sure you have everything you need to feel confident as you step into the grandest of self-discovery adventures!

Group Travel + Connection

You know you're here to make an impact in the world, and having a tribe of powerful women on a similar journey can change everything!

With our group travel experiences you'll have the opportunity to explore and connect with like-minded women. Sharing moments and building strong relationships with others can help us find more clarity than we would have on our own. 

Here you'll find a safe and loving space to dive deep into your inner world while being fully supported by your tribe. There will also be plenty of time for exploring our destination with them too!

What Others Say


Thank you for helping make my dream reality. If it wasn’t for your voice, I don’t think I would have made it happen. I know you feel it too, but one big thing… one big scary life changing thing, really opens your eyes to all the other life changing opportunities that are just patiently waiting for us to move forward, sine metu.

Kaitlyn L. 

 / Couples Trip to Ireland, 2019


What's best about working with Annie is that she is an experienced world traveler. Her advice doesn't just come from researching the internet but from actual experiences, she's had. You will not be disappointed and you will get the most out of your trip.

I told her what I wanted to see, what my likes and interests were and she put together a list of local tour companies, hotels, restaurants and bars, tourist spots and off the beaten path gems.

Alex R. 

/ Solo trip to Ireland, 2019

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