Helping women find their inner badass is my mission. 

 Travel is my medium.

Here you are empowered to dream bigger and step courageously into the life you've always wanted.

We do things differently here. 

  • This isn't a travel agency, but I help you create adventures as unique as you are! 
  • This isn't your average coaching either. This is you saying "yes" to your best life, and I help make it reality.
  • This isn't a tour company, though I love creating life-changing group experiences for our community. 

It takes insane amounts of courage to chase the life you know you want to be living! 

Here I combine two paths that can help us reach our dreams, the outward journey of travel and the inward journey of personal growth

For your travels, I help you create unique experiences that light you up and open the door to new possibilities! All of these services highlight the personal growth you'll engage through your adventures, helping your courageously go for your most epic dreams. 

How It Started

In 2008, my entire life changed. I stood in the passport control line in the Stockholm airport choking back tears. I’d finally found something that set my soul on fire and I hadn’t even left the airport! I had a sneaking suspicion that this journey was about to be a massive pivot point in my life. Spoiler alert...I was right!

Every single moment of that  trip taught me something about myself and changed me in profound ways. This was the catalyst for my own inward journey! I began dreaming bigger and looking inside for the ways I was holding myself back from reaching them. 

When I came home, it was with fresh eyes and a new passion. “If all of this awesomeness can come from a business trip, what would happen if I did this on my own terms?!” Fast forward 10+ years, nearly 100,000 miles, numerous reinventions of myself, and here we are.

I’ve always known, from that first day, this wasn’t only for me. I had to find a way to share, to help others discover the transformative power of travel for themselves! 

“Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone."

~Neale Donald Walsch

Living With Purpose

Welcome, friend, to my life’s work. My true passion lies in helping women like you discover your best lives through meaningful travel experiences and creating deep connections -- with yourself, others, and the places life takes you you encounter along the way.

On our journeys, we cultivate courage and compassion as we push the edges of our comfort zones and embrace our shared humanity. Through our community of fierce women explorers, we reflect on our inner world and how our travels change our perspective to make us more mindful global citizens. 

No matter where you're journeys take you, if you want more meaningful experiences and a life you love, then you’re in the right place. I’m so excited you’re here and I can’t wait to get to know you! <3

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