Changing Seasons: A Time of Transition

“Always be open to your path and your journey” ~Love Letters to God, Nahko and Medicine for the People (my favorite band)

Life is full of different types of journeys we must navigate and it’s time for me to start another. Tomorrow I leave my day job and I have surprisingly more feels about it than I thought I would! I absolutely LOVE the people I work with and it’s been a grand adventure that’s taught me much about myself and what I want. It’s going to be really hard to say goodbye!

What I’m learning through this transition is that sometimes Life requires us to move away from something good to get to something even better. The road ahead is so full of uncertainty, which is incredibly scary! It would be SO much easier if I could play it safe and stay with what’s comfortable, but apparently that’s not how I’m wired. My heart won’t let me. It constantly pushes me to follow those big fucking dreams! 

A New Path

Every huge change requires some adjustment. While I don’t know exactly where we’re heading on this new road, I’m excited to finally focus all of my best efforts, time, and energy into creating something here that I hope will bring more joy, love, adventure, and passion into the world! 

Before I can really dive into what I’d like to create for you, I need a minute to process the end of this season so I can be fully prepared for the next one. I need time to release what no longer serves for the path forward mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. For me this means quiet time of solitude and reflection, so I’m taking myself into Nature for a few days at Great Basin National Park. There’s nothing quite like dirt and trees to help me get my head on straight 🙂 

This means there probably won’t be a blog next week, but I’ll be back on the 12th, and I’m excited to see what new goodies I have to share with you! 

On the Flip Side

While so many of the details are unclear, there are a few things I know are coming for Beyond Reservations. I want to share more of what I love with you – all the surprising and life-affirming awesomeness that comes from independent travel. I’ll still give you ways to put things together, but it’s important for me to share WHY seeing the world is worth your time, money, and energy. 

The other major change is that I’m going to focus more on my fellow badass warrior women who want to see the world. Travel has been such an empowering experience for me as a woman and I want to pay it forward to all my ladies out there who want a little inspiration and support. <3

Gents, this doesn’t mean you won’t find anything of value here, and I hope you’ll stick around. You may even learn something that gives you better understanding and insight to the women in your life! 🙂

Catch you on the flip side, friends! 



Your Turn

What practices, people, etc. have helped you navigate your major life changes? How do you know when it’s time to make these kinds of leaps? I’d love to hear from you and your thoughts about what’s coming! Leave me a comment or shoot me an email from the contact page! 🙂



  • Maria says:

    Wishing you al, the best in your transition! I get it, I’m in the process myself!

    • Annie says:

      Ah, that’s exciting, and also scary! What are your challenges as you make your transition?! I’m always up for a chat and would love to support each other through it!

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