Creating A New “Normal”

There are some big questions to ponder right now as we navigate the uncharted waters of this COVID-19 outbreak. There has been a whirlwind of emotions for most of us as things have been changing so quickly! 

We’re hunkered down here at home, which is giving me all the time to reflect on what’s happening now. In some alternate universe I swear I’m an anthropologist or social psychologist because I’m absolutely fascinated to see how we move through this as a global society. 

This crisis presents us with a few unique opportunities, from how we react to considering what our new “normal” might look like. 

We’re All In This Together

This situation gives us a chance to remember and reconnect with our shared humanity. There’s no amount of money or status that’s going to keep this from impacting your life! The playing field has been leveled in many ways. 

For so many years, we’ve been busy sorting ourselves into groups based on arbitrary labels like “Democrat” or “Republican”, “Christian” or “Muslim”, “Pro-Life” or “Pro-Choice”. We’ve clung to these and surrounded ourselves with others who share the same classification and sorted ourselves even further into “us” and “them”. 

Now we’re finding those labels offer us no special privileges in this current environment. There is now only “us”. Together. That’s the only way through this. It’s time to set aside our labels and acknowledge how interconnected we all are. 

You may find that you live in a neighborhood where these labels have divided you from those next door, if you’ve ever even talked with them. While technology has allowed us to build community outside of physical location, we are weathering the storm with those who live closest to us.

We have the opportunity now to set aside our differences – class, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc. – and see that none of those things really matter. We’re all riding the same emotional rollercoaster of uncertainty and all have the same basic needs to meet. Let’s heal the divisions and help each other through this. 

What Is The New “Normal”?

When this is all said and done, no one knows how our world will have changed. We’re being forced to press pause on everything that isn’t absolutely essential and focus on our basic needs.

This is a time to reflect. To take stock. To decide what’s really important. It’s time to consider what we want life to look like on the other side of this. Now that it’s all being stripped away, how much of it do you want back? How much of it really matters to you at the end of the day?

What do you want to fill that space in your life? We’re all going to have to rebuild in some way and establish a new “normal”. What do you want that to look like? This is your opportunity to reconnect with yourself and ask the question, “What do I want?”. It’s time to dream bigger! 

These are the ideas I’m pondering right now for myself and my community. If you want to talk through your thoughts and feelings around all this, I’ve got nothing but time right now. Here’s a link to my calendar, if you want to connect. <3

Your Turn

What big questions are you pondering right now? How are you creating peace for yourself amidst the chaos?