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Avoiding Holiday Overwhelm

Ah, the holidays are upon us! This can be such a hugely stressful time if you don’t have clear boundaries and a game plan for maintaining your sanity. Am I right?!

Many of us will travel for the holidays, but for December we're going to focus on the inward journey. When we listen to our inner guidance and find our center, we're much better equipped to navigate the chaos that shows up this time of year!

What if you could…

  • Create a clear vision to keep you feeling balanced and energized through the festivities
  • Have a plan in place to get through the hard stuff so you can enjoy all the fun
  • Arrive at the New Year ready to smash your goals for 2020

Instead of feeling wiped out, imagine being centered and balanced through the holidays, ready to jump courageously into 2020 with clear goals and an action plan! How amazing would that feel?

To celebrate the new website launch just in time for the holidays, I have a GIFT for you!

Grab your guide for Avoiding Holiday Overwhelm now! Plus, schedule a FREE coaching call to gain the tools and support you need to stay focused.

About Your Gift

What you’ll get from your coaching call…

  • Clarity on your goals and priorities 
  • Action steps to maintain balance
  • Courage to set boundaries
  • Accountability to keep you on track

Things you should expect from a call with me…

  • Truth, laughter, f-bombs, and authentic connection
  • One hour of undivided attention for us to explore what you need to stay energized through the holidays
  • A clear plan to keep you centered and set you up for success in 2020

As an added bonus...

You'll receive a 50% discount on all travel and coaching packages for the month of December! Whether you want to focus on your outward or inward journeys in 2020, I'd love to help you reach your goals with courageous confidence. 

Let’s get you ready to enjoy the holidays and kick off the New Year with a plan to make 2020 the best year yet! <3

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