How We Connect Matters

Have you ever spent time with someone and when you went your separate ways felt like you didn’t know any more about them than when the conversation started? I know I have! 

Confession: I despise small talk! If I’m going to spend my time connecting with someone, I want to really get to know them. I want to hear about more than what you had for dinner last night, I want to know what sets your heart on fire! 

Meaningful Connections in Our Modern World

We humans are social creatures by nature. Our very survival depends on our ability to work together! In our modern, technology-driven world we have more ways to connect than ever before, but how often do we do so in meaningful ways?

I love that I can hop on a video call with friends around the world and see their faces while we catch up! How well are we utilizing this tool if all we talk about is the weather or complain about work?


One of the serious downsides in this world of social media is that we can paint whatever picture we want of our life to share with the rest of the world. We’ve either lost the ability to or become afraid of letting ourselves be authentic in our interactions. When we craft a facade, we’re also building walls to keep others out. We’re afraid they will judge us if they find out we didn’t even get out of our pajamas today instead of providing an opportunity for them to relate by saying, “Whew! That makes me feel better because I didn’t either!”

Letting Yourself Be Seen

Yes, it’s scary to open yourself up and let others see who you really are, including those parts you don’t like. Chances are, there’s someone in your life that shares those same qualities! Maybe they’ve found a way to look at them differently, which could also help you. You ‘ll never know though because you keep them hidden. 

Do you see yourself as a strong, confident woman? I hope so! Let’s be real though, there’s no strength in a facade. True strength is the ability to let someone see those parts you’d like to hide, and knowing their judgments won’t break you because you’ve learned to accept yourself while still working to improve.

Connecting Through Travel

Being open and connecting while you travel doesn’t mean divulging information about where you’re staying or that you’re alone. It means finding your similarities with the people you encounter or listening as they tell you about their life’s journey. As women, safety is a primary consideration when traveling, especially solo, but that doesn’t mean we need to be closed off.

When you have a chance to interact with locals or other travelers, take the time to stop and ask thoughtful questions. Ask what they love about their life. Find out what they enjoy about the city or country you’re visiting. Simply asking something that goes beyond the surface can quickly build connections that would have never existed otherwise. Often times you’ll learn about your destination and find more interesting places to explore!

Finding the Courage to Connect

Yep, it can be super intimidating and uncomfortable to strike up conversations with strangers! Next time you’re nervous about making new connections, try thinking of it this way: chances are, the best people in your life were strangers to you at some point. Maybe the person you want to meet is just as wary as you are. 

Sharing Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, with my Soul Sister, Shelby, who was once a complete stranger to me. Now she is one of my dearest friends in the whole wide world. <3

We are all human and experience the same feelings. Your emotions aren’t unique, other people feel them too! When you share, you lighten the load and help others do the same. By breaking through that invisible barrier, you might meet your new best friend! You’ll never know if you let fear win. Push that comfort zone and you might just find magic on the other side… 

Now get out there, the world is waiting for you.