Life is Short, Take the Damn Trip!

Every once in a while, some situation will come along and bring our limited time on earth into sharp focus. It always sparks thoughts of how quickly my own time is passing, followed by an urgency to see and do as much as I can right this minute!

The idea of waiting until I’m retired, more financially secure, have more time, etc. simply doesn’t work for me. I don’t know that I’m even going to be here tomorrow so I don’t want to wait to start living the life I want!

There’s Always A Reason

How often have you wanted to do something epic and it sparks an internal conflict? It’s like the old cartoon angel and devil sitting on your shoulders battling it out! Here’s my question for you though – which argument is the devil and which is the angel? My guess, based on my own experience, is that you see the one telling you all the “reasonable” things you should do as the angel. What if it were the opposite? Would that change your response?

What if the part of you that wants to see, explore, and have amazing adventures is actually the best part of yourself wanting to experience the fullness of life?! Does that change how you see their arguments? 

The “devil” just might be the one that’s trying to hold you back, keep you in the comfort zone, and not rock the boat. That’s certainly what my gremlins do, and they do it by turning my own fears into perfectly logical reasons to stay home. 

Stop Waiting for ‘Someday’ to Live

Nothing I’m about to say here is new information to you. I guarantee you’ve heard it before, but you just might need to hear it again. I’m giving you the reminder as much as I’m giving it to myself…

Stop waiting and making excuses for not living the life you want! There are absolutely no guarantees about how much time we have left.  Are you okay with waking up one day and going through a long list of things you regret not doing?! I am abso-fucking-lultely NOT okay with that idea. 

You deserve to live your most epic life! All any of us know for sure is that we get to do this once. We get ONE life. Don’t fucking waste it! It doesn’t matter what your dreams are, just chase them! There’s no amount of money saved or hours worked that will make up for a life not lived. 

Take the damn trip.