Reimagining Life After COVID-19

Since the middle of March, I’ve been totally thrown off balance. The travel part of my business evaporated completely in just a matter of days! Add in social distancing, a fairly large earthquake, and the world as we know it changing from hour to hour, and “off balance” might be a bit of an understatement. More like the I’ve been knocked on my ass and it’s taken some time to find my footing again. As I’ve grappled with accepting this current reality, I’ve also felt something deeper asking me to pay attention. 

A new perspective

There’s a common thread somewhere tying the pieces of my journey together. I’ve worked hard to reclaim myself from what the world tells me I’m supposed to be. With what I’ve learned along the way, I’ve also tried to help others do the same. But there’s still something deeper. For the last two weeks, I’ve pulled back from all of my “have to” and “should” stories in order to allow some additional space for whatever it is trying to come to the surface. 

What if everything we’ve been told about what it means to be a human in the world was misinformed? What if we’ve been captive passengers on a runaway train set into motion by centuries of institutions and people who were simply limited in their perspective? 

Hear me out. In my 38 years on earth I’ve witnessed HUGE shifts in our discussions about consciousness, mindfulness, collaboration, etc. When I was a kid, meditation was for “New Age” folks or Buddhist monks. Now science has been studying the benefits for years! We’re more willing to have conversations about feelings, intuition, and our own inner workings. 

Shifting awareness

How much of what we accept as fundamental to our daily lives was decided without any thought to the internal workings and purpose of humans? How many of the metaphorical boxes we’re expected to fit in are outdated and incredibly limiting? What if there aren’t really any boxes at all and we’re simply continuing a collective structure because we haven’t stopped to examine or question its usefulness?

What if we paused to reimagine what it means to be human? So much of our energy and mental space is taken up with doing, producing something the world outside validates with the label “valuable”. As a society, we put so much emphasis on DOING. What if the true value and magic of the human experience was in BEING? Being courageous. Being curious. Being creative. How would your life look if you focused on how you’re being instead of producing?

These are the big questions I’ve been wrestling with. I’ve also found a renewed inspiration and fire. When I look at all the life changes I’ve made, the businesses I’ve started, and the inner work I’ve been doing, it all comes back to this. 

Being Human

Over the years I’ve learned that my way of seeing things isn’t the norm. I’ve questioned its validity and also my sanity at times. But maybe the world needs a shift in perspective now. Who am I to think I have something to say about it?! I’m a human whose BEING in the world is unique. So are you. 

It’s time to rethink what it means to be a human. What are we really trying to accomplish and to what end? What are some other ways of seeing our relationship to each other and the rest of life on this planet? In the end, we’re just passengers on our giant home rock hurtling through space. Why have we made it so complicated?

Your Turn

What have you been reflecting on during this “time out”? What do you want your life to look like on the other side of this?