How to Save on International Flights

“How do I find good prices on international flights?” I get this question often when talking DIY travel with friends or clients. Now I want to share with you what I’ve learned over the years! I’ve even created a free e-course to get you started. (Click here to check it out)

There are multiple ways to create your itineraries around affordable flights and have the experience of a lifetime. Below are a few simple ways I’ve found to save on your airline tickets. At the end of June, I’ll have the full course ready so you can learn every last bit of what I know, but this should get you started! Here are my top three ways to save on flights right away!


To find the best flight prices, it’s important to be as flexible as possible. Even if you can be flexible about dates within the month you’re traveling, you’ll see significant savings over being locked in to specific dates. You’ll save the most if you can travel outside of “high season” (the time when areas have the most tourists).

Set Alerts

Airfare Watchdog is my favorite site for alerts. You can choose multiple routes that you want to watch and they’ll send you a weekly alert with options for your route that include time frames prices. The other thing is to sign up for emails from the airlines that fly to the places you most want to visit. Norwegian Airlines is my favorite for Europe and they send me sales and promotions regularly, which always has me thinking about where to go next!

Start Early

This is really important if you’re going to be traveling during a destinations high season. Typically for those times, prices continue to go up. When you find a price you’re happy with, book it! When planning an international trip, I usually start looking at least six months in advance!

With just these few things you’ll be able to save right away! In the e-course I’ll also show you my favorite website,, for searching and its awesome features to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Check it out and sign up for the email list┬áto know when the full course is ready!