Getting Started with DIY Travel

Getting Started with DIY Travel

It can be a little scary to try something new. We were so used to it as children, but as adults, we shy away from new experiences sometimes because it’s uncomfortable. It’s uncomfortable to admit that you have no idea what you’re doing. It’s uncomfortable to work through the challenges that arise as you learn the ropes. It’s the same with planning your own travel, but the awesomeness of the experience is far greater than the discomfort of something new!

The first time you visit a new place, it doesn’t matter whether home or abroad, there’s definitely some adjustment required. You may start with exploring the area around where you’re staying (me!) or choose an attraction you’ve been wanting to visit and see what else is nearby. This is totally normal! I’m sure there are people out there who hit the ground with no fear and strike out for adventure immediately, but I feel like that’s the minority. Most of us take a minute to get our bearings.

I’m writing this on my last morning in Kauai (Hawaii) having now seen most parts of the island. On our third day here my husband took a day trip to Honolulu to visit Pearl Harbor and I had the time to roam the island on my own. I’ve traveled alone plenty of times, but it’s still uncomfortable at first. Then I get frustrated at myself for feeling the discomfort, but every place is its own exercise in being a beginner. I did go exploring, but not in a super extreme way. I visited a couple of new beaches and checked out the northern part of the island that I hadn’t visited yet. That’s it. BUT…I saw new things, pushed the edges of my comfort zone, and had a great day!

Allow yourself to start something new, whether it’s travel, a new language, painting, etc. Anything you think might bring you joy! Whatever you’ve been putting off because you haven’t known where to start, just start somewhere. Take a class, do some research, try a project. Being a beginner can be fun! It’s exciting to discover new activities, places, and ideas. It’s okay to not know and it’s perfectly acceptable to admit it and ask questions. You’ll never go visit a different place or try anything new unless you give yourself permission to learn something. You can start with learning to save some money on flights! It’s free…just click here.