Park in Sarajevo

A Journey of Courage & Compassion

May 24 - 28, 2020

Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Are you ready to courageously step out of your comfort zone toward adventure and the life you really want? Join us for a life-changing travel experience full of laughter and exploration, where you'll connect deeply with yourself, your travelling companions, and our destination. 

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What Will it Cost? 

Personally, I (Annie) hate having to scroll forever to find out how much something will cost or make a call just to find out. In the spirit of keeping things simple and being up front with you, here's the price for this life-changing experience:


Keep reading to see if this is right for you. You'll learn more about the experience, what's included, and all the amazing things that will come from sharing this experience with other badass women like yourself. <3

Is this You?

  • You're ready to take your life to the next level, but don't know exactly what that looks like.
  • You feel the pull of Life calling you to rise up and take your place at the table, but you’re afraid of showing up as your most authentic, awesome self because of how others might react. 
  • You’re ready for big growth, but you want an intentional group of women to connect with, who are doing the same work.
  • You know you have amazing gifts to offer the world, but you’ve put your own dreams aside to take care of others.
  • You are craving a change of scenery and time to reconnect with yourself and your passions.
  • You’re a seeker. You have traveled before and had some great experiences, but you’re not just trying to tick off a list of countries or sights. You want to combine your love of travel with your desire to explore your inner world.
  • You feel that burning deep in your chest that you’re here to change lives and make waves. 
  • You're ready to move past the limitations you’ve been bound by in the past.
  • You want to experience and not just talk about reconnecting to yourself.
  • You’re ready for an epic adventure, and want to share the experience with a group of strong, soulful women.
  • You’re ready to step out of your comfort zone and give yourself the space and opportunity to grow.
  • You want a unique experience you can’t find anywhere else.

If so, It’s time to press pause on the everyday and give yourself the opportunity to reflect and reconnect with your sense of purpose. You need the time and energy to create the life you want.  The first step is to stop putting yourself last and say "yes" to what lights you up. This just might be the place for you!  

The Journey of Courage & Compassion was designed for women like you to find the courage to push your comfort zone, the connections to support your dreams, and the compassion to see yourself and the world for all the awesomeness they contain.

Our Destination, Sarajevo

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Sarajevo is where I go when I need to remember how to live.

This city is magic for the soul! Everything from the pace of life to the culture reminds me of what's really important - relationships and gratitude. 

There's much to see an explore, so we'll be visiting some of the most iconic and profound places in the city:

  • Walking tour so you can familiarize yourself with the history and layout of the city.
  • Tunnel Museum which was used during the 90s conflict to get supplies from the free part of the country.
  • Srebrenica Gallery gives a heartbreaking insight into the genocide that took place in the 90s.
  • We'll hike the abandoned bobsled track from the 1984 Olympics. There are many layers to its story that we'll explore as we go. 
  • Bey's Mosque, built in 1531, serves as the main congregational mosque of the Islamic Community of Bosnia and Herzegovina and was the first mosque in the world to receive electric illumination!

You'll also have plenty of time to discover the wonders of Sarajevo at your leisure. 

This experience is for women who...

  • Are passionately dedicated to their personal-growth

  • Are ready to connect with like-minded women with openness and vulnerability

  • Are excited to explore new places in meaningful ways

  • Want to show up more authentically in the world 

  • Want to live with more purpose and are seeking a community of like-minds for support, connection, and inspiration.

  • Believe that life begins at the edge of their comfort zones

  • Want to cultivate love and compassion within themselves and the world

  • Are ready to see the gritty reality of the past and the astonishing resiliency of the human heart

  • Recognize their ability to make the world a better place by stepping into their power

  • Embrace the opportunity for a better understanding of humanity through interacting with new cultures

  • Have a zest for life and want to experience all the world has to offer

  • Value experiences over “stuff”

This experience is NOT for women who...

  • Would rather capture the perfect Instagram photo than learn from the local culture and its people.
  • Are more interested in finding the party than themselves
  • Travel to check off a list of sights or add another country to their count 

About the Experience

This journey isn't just about travel or personal growth, it's fully integrating both our inward and outward journey. We want to be sure you're fully prepared for the experience so you can really be open and enjoy it while it's happening. To help you bring the magic home, we'll also connect after we return to support your next steps!

There are three pieces to this adventure of growth and self-discovery...


You'll discover your courageous self and expand your awareness, opening to all the world world has on offer for you. Together we’ll prepare for a two-fold journey where you’ll explore a magical destination and your own internal landscape. We’ll set intentions and uncover what’s in the way of living our most epic existence.


We will gather to share meaningful interactions, learn from our destination and its people, create lasting memories, and discover more about ourselves through the process. You will build confidence in your place and your purpose, while feeling grounded in your personal power. 


Using your power and courage, you’ll confidently take action toward bringing your dreams to life. With a new perspective on yourself and the world, you will be a catalyst for positive change in your corner of the globe, supported by your newfound community of empowering women. 

What's Included?


  • 2 group calls for you to meet the awesome women you'll be traveling with, get the important travel info, and your pre-trip work for the internal part of the journey
  • 1:1 call for help with travel arrangements and planning any additional adventures before or after


  • 6 nights of shared accommodation at ESHE Boutique Hotel in Sarajevo. Yes, you'll be sharing with another lady or two from our group. Connection is the point!
  • 1:1 time with one of your facilitators to connect on a deeper level and discover the best ways we can support your growth. 
  • Daily breakfast at the hotel: May 24th - May 29th
  • Welcome Dinner on May 23rd
  • Group Connection: one hour each morning for meditation, reflection, intention setting, and connecting
  • Daily Activity: each day we will visit a site or participate in an activity that reflects the courage and compassion we want to cultivate.
  • Transportation to daily activities, as needed
  • 1 group lunch after our walking tour
  • 1 group beverage and reflection session after visiting the Srebrenica Gallery
  • Afternoons free to explore on your own or with your fellow travelers
  • Farewell dinner on May 28th


  • 2 group calls to reconnect with the group, review your goals, and support reentry into your everyday life
  • 1:1 call to help you get some extra love and support, plus an action plan to help you get where you want to be. 

Price: $2,197

Meet Your Facilitators

You're going to need a guide or two on this adventure! Not only do you need to travel safely, but also with women who know the destination and understand the inner work we're about to embark on. 

Annie Sisson

Founder, Coach & Destination Expert

Annie chose Sarajevo because it holds a special place in her heart and she wants to share it with YOU! Having visited multiple times and spent nearly two months in the city, she knows how to get you around safely and make sure you have an amazing experience. 

Annie's coaching focuses on creating positive change and transformation. She has the ability to read between the lines of what you're saying and reflect back the truth you need to hear. She'll help you get crystal fucking clear on what you want your life to look like and the actions that will get you there. She may dole out some tough love at times, but will be your biggest cheerleader on your path to success as well. <3

Becca Campbell

Coach & Facilitator

Becca is a travel-obsessed facilitator and coach. Whether it’s across the world or a mere hour away, stepping into a different environment gives her a new perspective and a chance to reflect. 

As a facilitator she brings a curious, open-minded presence to the adventures we take with women into their inner worlds. She likes to dig into the real stuff that women are grappling with, but brings her hilarious empathy because personal growth can be fun and even enjoyable.

Combining travel and coaching is a dream come true and her aim is to share what she's learned to help you discover your truest self, and enjoy what the world has to offer.

What You'll Take Home

After our time together, these are a few of the lasting souvenirs that will follow you home. 

  • Community - Knowing you now belong to a tribe of women who will empower, support, and cheer you on as you step into your greatness.
  • Perspective -New ways of seeing the world and your place in it, bringing more love and compassion into your everyday life. 
  • Empowerment - Confidence that you are capable of creating the life you dream about.
  • Self-Knowledge - After taking time to reconnect with yourself and your purpose, you'll hear the voice of your heart calling once again. 
  • Vision - A clear picture of how you want to impact the world and action items to get you started.
  • Lifelong Memories - After engaging with these women and destination in new, exciting ways, you'll have a head and heart full of moments to reminisce. 
  • Purpose - Discover your gifts  and how to share them with the world.
  • Resiliency - Seeing how we can create beauty from conflict and apply it in your own life. 
  • Courage - Knowing you just smashed the walls of your comfort zone and it feels really fucking good! 

Things to Consider

With international travel there are always things that will surprise you when you arrive. Here are a few of the things you should be aware of before embarking on this adventure... 

Indoor smoking is still totally a thing in Sarajevo. There are plenty of outdoor cafes and places to enjoy the fresh air, but this can be a surprise for some!

We're going to do A LOT of walking, some of it on uneven terrain. You should be comfortable walking at least 5 miles per day.