Why Travel Is Important

You don’t have to go halfway around the world to benefit from travel, though there is a multitude of positive outcomes from visiting other parts of the globe. Simply visiting a new destination, even if it’s close to home, provides the opportunity to step outside of your everyday life and put things into perspective.

When I’m in comfortable surroundings you can find my brain running through grocery lists, emails that need to be sent, gym schedules, and all the other tasks I need to complete today or this week. There’s a magic that happens when you find yourself in a completely new place, away from these routines. Your mind becomes free from the hamster wheel and suddenly open to all the new experiences happening around you. For me, it feels like I’m stepping out of a fog, and seeing clearly again. It’s glorious! Travel forces you to be present, to engage each moment as it’s happening because you don’t know what’s next!

Sometimes there’s a bit of nervousness and uncertainty associated with visiting a new destination. I continually come back to one of my favorite quotes when I start feeling this way: “Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone”. Travel is such a fun and exciting way to stretch yourself, all while experiencing places you’ve always dreamed about!

The more you travel you discover that no matter where you go, people are just people. Even if cultures and customs are different, we’re all trying to find our way through our current circumstances and take care of our loved ones. The more of the world you see and explore, the more you’ll find we’re so much more the same than we are different.

Go! Whether it’s a weekend road trip or an extended international adventure, go. It will help you reconnect to yourself, the world around you, and whoever you’re traveling with. It will make you a better human at the same time. <3 Do it!


  • Kaitlyn Leingang says:

    I cannot wait to travel with your help!!!!! You once posted a quote “No amount of security is worth the suffering of a mediocre life chained to a routine that has killed your dreams.” Mya Mendoza – Girl, let me tell you… that, and THIS, this is life, and I cannot wait for you to help me get to all the places that make dreams reality!!! <3 What an amazing job you’ve worked hard to create… a dream maker in its truest form! Xoxo

    • admin says:

      Gah! Girl, I love you so damn much! I wish everyone had your mindset. Yes, this is life, this is where we make it happen so stop making excuses and live those dreams! <3 I'm SOOOOOOO excited to help you and I can't wait to hear everything you have to say when you get back!

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