Why You Deserve to Travel

Okay, let’s talk about some of the stories we tell ourselves and limiting beliefs we hold when it comes to what we think we’re worthy of having. When we talk about travel, you get excited and totally want to see more of the world, right? Who doesn’t?! 

And then you start really thinking about going somewhere you’ve been dreaming about and suddenly the little gremlins in your mind show up. They say things like, “You don’t deserve to spend money on yourself!”, as if you’re cashing in your retirement or something.

Next, they’ll say something equally ridiculous like, “people will think you’re selfish if you just leave your life and family behind to go traipse around the world.” As if it matters what anyone else thinks! (We’ll get into that one another time…) Sound familiar?

You Deserve to Be a Priority

Girl, I know you work your ass off to take care of your family and make sure all the “have to” things are handled! You are an amazing friend, wife, daughter, mother, employee, businesswoman, etc. Your life is not meant to be spent as a slave to the almighty dollar or taking care of everyone around you.

You deserve to have fun! You deserve the opportunity to explore and grow! You deserve to step away and focus on yourself. You will be able to show up as the most badass, awesome version of you when you allow yourself some time away. It doesn’t make you selfish, it means that you’ve made your happiness and well-being a priority.

Everyone in your life will survive your absence. I know, it might be uncomfortable to think they can manage without you, but they can. They may even realize how much you do that goes unnoticed and be more appreciative when you return! Maybe they’ll even start helping you more often. Can you even imagine how awesome that would be?! This is one of those sneaky side benefits of stepping back and letting the people in your life figure it out without you for a minute. <3

It’s Not as Hard as You Think

Once you get past the idea that your little corner of the world will fall apart without you and start believing that you’re totally worthy and deserving of having epic adventures, then there’s the next level garbage that comes up.

These are the voices that tell you “reasonable” things to keep you from pushing your comfort zone. They might say things like, “You don’t know how to do this! It’s too much work to put a trip together so just stay home (in your comfort zone).” or “Traveling alone isn’t safe!” Seems totally reasonable, right? Ah, tricky bastards…

Here’s the thing. When it comes to these thoughts, they’re usually easy to debunk, if you examine them more closely. One of the easiest ones for them to use on us is, “traveling alone isn’t safe.” Now I have a long list of evidence to the contrary because I actually went and proved my gremlins wrong. However, I know this is a big one for many of us women with wanderlust in our blood.

If this is a real concern for you, I want you to know that the majority of humans are kind and helpful. Go and see for yourself! The amount of goodness in the world is astounding! In my experience, people are warm, welcoming, and generous. I promise, there’s not much to be afraid of out there.  

This isn’t just about travel, this is about life. 

Anytime you want to do things differently, make positive changes, those pesky gremlins show up with all sorts of nasty things to say. They tell us all the reasons why we can’t do the things we want or have the life we dream about. They’re just parts of our brain that want to keep us safely sitting in the comfort zone, and we don’t have to let them run the show. 

Give them some love for trying to keep you safe, and then chase those big ass dreams anyway! <3

You can do it! You can have the most awesome and amazing life ever! I’m here, if you ever need a pep talk! 🙂 You’ve totally got this.

Your Turn

What other things do your gremlins tell you to keep you in your comfort zone? How do they sabotage you in your everyday life when you want to make big changes?